Frequently Asked Questions

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Here, the question and answers as discussed during the workshop on May 15th 2017:

Question 1: Unfortunately, the built-in PDF viewers for Chrome, Firefox etc. cannot visualize the 3D content of a PDF. How can I force the browser to open a link to a 3D PDF document in the external Adobe Reader?
Answer 1: First, you should make sure that Adobe Reader is the default application handling PDFs. Second, in the HTML document you should use the HTML5 download attribute:

<a download="quot.pdf" href="../doc/quot.pdf">Click here to Download quotation</a>

This has been applied in the following link: Click here to download 3D-PDF document

Question 2: Is there any direct export to 3D PDF available for Cinema 4D?
Answer 2: No.

Question 3: How can I use 3D PDF in virtual reality? Is there any possibility, to visualize the 3D PDF documents in VR glasses for mobile devices?
Answer 3: Only using tricks, when captuing the output of the graphics card.

Question 4: Can different views as well as animations be exported from 3D CAD?
Answer 4: It depends on the exporter of the 3D CAD system. The Tetra4D converter enables animations.

Question 5: Is the Adobe Reader application sufficient to view 3D PDFs?
Answer 5: Yes, for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X the Adobe Reader is sufficient. Please use the latest version available, as explained under On Android and iOS mobile devices Tech Soft 3D’s free 3D PDF reader is available.

Question 6: Who offers PRC libraries apart from Tetra/HOOPS and PDF3D? Are there any open implementations available?
Answer 6: As open source implementation (LGPL) only the PRC writer of the asymptote project is available under:

Question 7: How can I export 3D PDFs from Siemens PLM NX?
Answer 7: The NX standard product does not contain a 3D PDF exporter. There is a 3D PDF exporter addon available from Theorem Solutions.

Question 8: How does 3D PDF differ from JT? What are appropriate use cases for either format?
Answer 8: Please refer to the discussion under

Question 9: Is it possible to modify the geometry stored within 3D PDFs?
Answer 9: No.

Question 10: Is it possible to protect the content of 3D PDFs?
Answer 10: Please refer to

Question 11: Will 3D PDF documents containing hundreds of components suffer from performance problems? Are there any tricks and tips known to deal with performance issues?
Answer 11: Depending on the display quality 3D PDFs may contain 20 – 50 thousand components. When reaching higher numbers of components, the main problem will be the graphics performance.
Do not place a large number of components on the 1st hierarchy level, as this may result in performance problems.